About Us

KTM is a Malaysian company established in 2002 that specializes in steel manufacturing and fabrication of customized solutions for DIY projects. Their services include sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, bending, v-cutting, shearing, and welding. They produce various products such as exhibition kiosks, metal display shelves, stainless steel furniture, U-channels, and inlays. KTM has four bending machines, three v-cut machines, and two laser cutting machines, providing speedy and efficient services without compromising quality.
Our Services
V Cut Service (V Cutting)
V Cutting will make sure your folds are sharp-edged, no matter it is stainless steel, steel, metal, or aluminum.
Bending Service
Bending is a manufacturing process of U-Shape edge or V-Shape Edge if it aplly with V Cutting service.
Laser Cut Service (Laser Cutting)
- Laser cutting service provider will work closely with all clients in achieving the right designs they preferred for their metal products not matter how simple or complicated the design is.

- Material to be Laser Steel, Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Acrylic